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making a difference, any way we can. Read about our CSI client 2021 - 2022

Remember when you were a child? What was your favourite game to play?
Cops and robbers? Princesses and dragons? What about Hopscotch or skipping elastics? Soccer or Marbles?
Great memories, aren’t they?
Now imagine if you were not allowed or unable to play.
This is the reality for millions of children in South Africa.

We have selected A Chance to Play South Africa as our CSI client for 2021 and 2022.
We strongly believe that the work they do is vital to the development of our children.

Play is the most important activity of childhood – yet the one adults neglect most! Children are born with a natural ability to play. It’s nature’s way of ensuring they learn and develop. However, for many children, their right to play is at risk – from factors including poverty, unsafe environments and a lack of knowledge about the importance of play for development and well-being.

According to the United Nations, play is a basic human right. South Africa is a signatory of both the UNCRC and the ACRWC, making our country obligated to fulfil these rights. Unfortunately, this is not the reality and this is why ACTP advocates for the right of all children to play and we are proud to stand alongside them.
Visit their website for more information.