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Nikolorum Design Partners is proud to have

as our social media marketing and strategy partner.

Cheryl Barnett has accumulated over 18-years’ experience in Digital Marketing & Social Media management, from the B2C space,
to the corporate world and via her custom consultancy services.

The digital strategies she has created consistently resonate with customers and drive immediate action.
She has been fortunate enough to work on large and small organisations and seen the results from her craft in building communities
and educating potential clients driving sales and engagement. She has aided in establishing in-house teams through skills sharing and bespoke training sessions. She is compact enough to care about the detail but can also offer a strategic and long term approach to achieving objectives.

Cheryl does not believe one can fail in digital marketing; one only fails when you stop learning.
It’s a discipline that keeps evolving and one needs to change with it.

Cheryl operates from idyllic George in the Western Cape where she is a mom, an avid cat-lover, a frequent traveller
– often spontaneously road tripping whenever the bug bites.

She understands the world of online and social media communication, psychology and behaviour, and is curious about
the constant evolution of content in the digital space.

Contact Cheryl here