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Nikolorum Design Partners is proud to have

on board as our video production partner.

Danah Spies is a South African filmmaker and a video communications expert. In 2010 he graduated from AFDA with a BA degree in Motion Picture. For the last 10 years he has honed his skills in Cinematography, Video Editing, Animation and Production Management. 

With over 300 multi-camera productions managed under his belt, he is an experienced Director of Photography for documentary films, promotional videos, corporate videos, event highlights, and high-end interviews. An expert at Final Cut Pro, After Effects and other post-production software, Danah is able to offer high-end video editing and animation services. 

He started Owl Eye Films four years ago which has grown from strength to strength. Owl Eye Films’ aim is to exceed expectations. They treasure their clients, and take full advantage of the fact that we are all visual creatures. Storytelling is an art, and there is no better way to get your message across than with visual storytelling. 

Contact Danah here.