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Who is Melanie?

Melanie Timm is Pod 3 operating out of Benoni on Johannesburg’s East Rand. She joined the Nikolorum family in 2016 and is Nicole’s right hand (wo)man handling admin, logistics, accounts, social media, fundraising and the basic everyday that keeps things ticking. She is able to weather the best and the worst of working in a highly creative environment and is the grounding force that keeps the creatives from drifting away blissfully into their own imaginations.

She is youngest of 3 siblings and is mother to Connor.  She is an avid sports fan, enjoys diving into a good book or theoretically plotting the perfect crime with her crime fiction. She loves to travel, always looking for the next adventure. She is nuts about pasta and we believe she has successfully invented a pasta for every ingredient in the kitchen! (Consumer testing still required.) A spot on the couch with Snowpan, Patches and Mr Whiskers, a bowl of popcorn and a good thriller are found high on the list of her favourite things. Getting her hot under the collar is easy if you play dance music, serve sushi or leave her trapped in a lift with a spider. Melanie can be found fundraising on most days. Those who know her well, know that they must keep a few rands aside each month for the lucky cause that Mel has committed to.

A quick summary of her career:

Melanie has had the best of both. On one hand, she is obsessively organised, compulsively colour coordinated, prudently methodical and keeps the money jar well hidden from creatives who tend to buy anything that sparkles. The other side of Mel has a creative spirit and has demonstrated amazing crafty abilities through her hobbies and projects. Mel has worked in office administration and finance for most of her career. Her love for learning has taken her to a variety of industries but she feels most at home in the creative environment. At Nikolorum, Melanie is responsible for the administration, accounts, traffic and logistics and when the creative bug hits – a few killer ideas in our brainstorms.

What’s next for Melanie?

Mel loves the growth and learning opportunities she gets within this creative family and is excited about the future with Nikolorum. In a world where adapting and changing is so necessary she looks forward to taking on any challenge head on. The Covid-19 lockdown period has redefined how business need to be run and Melanie will have her hands full over the next few months as she keeps the network of Pods working smoothly from her own office.

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